How It Works

When you decide to work with Babyscripts, what happens next? We have a simple four step process to get you going.



Babyscripts comes loaded with ACOG, CDC, and NIH resources, along with the ability to add in as much of your own clinical education (including videos, handouts, and more) as needed to guide your patients throughout their pregnancies. YOU decide what you want your patients to see within the app.



With Babyscripts, all of your patients will gain access to the mobile app. You can enhance your patients’ experience by enrolling them in one of the Babyscripts Modules and when appropriate, Babyscripts will send patients a Mommy Kit, containing internet connected medical devices, to increase connectivity between the patient and your practice.



Receive patient data in real-time through an easy-to-use dashboard. Should one of your patients’ measurements be out of range or require follow up, our team will contact you. You'll also gain peace of mind knowing that if and when you want to see how your patients are progressing, the information is just a few clicks away.



Intervene and adjust your care pathway as necessary. The result? A more satisfied and prepared patient, improved clinical workflow and capacity, and the foundation for a more comprehensive, risk-stratified prenatal program that will grow with your practice.